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Organisational profile

Organisational profile

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Unkown Institute
Description organisation:

ISAI - A College of further Education specialising in the teaching of Applied languages, Tourism and Management Sciences. Since opening in 1979, ISAI has become known for its pioneering attitude and as a leader College of Further Education in the scientific areas of Applied languages, Tourism and Management Sciences. Today, ISAI is an officially and recognised and prestigious Institute which is highly respected by both companies and public or private organisations alike. ISAI has been able to achieve this public credibility and respect because its board of directors has created and developed a modern, innovative Teaching Project in the panorama of higher education in Portugal. So, it is its determination to proceed with its path of strategic development, allied with attractive collaboration of all students, teachers, management bodies and collaborators, that make ISAI a privileged forum to encounter and share values and a community which is recognised as being on a par with the best European Schools.

Contact person:

Translation and Interpretation, Tourism and Personal Assistants. Degree in Tourism (Bachelor + Licentiate) Objectives: - To train upper level management of tourism to be capable of performing management duties, support and planning in companies of this sector while simultaneously being able to help in the creation and development of new companies which address the new trends of tourist demand, - To offer the technical knowledge required for a professional intervention of quality appropriate to the new strategic challenges facing the tourism industry, - To provide methods of work which unite theoretical and practical approaches to knowledge, thus offering future technicians a profound knowledge of both the workings of private institutions and the official bodies in the tourism sector, - To allow a balanced personal and professional development. Course length: 4 academic years. Degrees available: Bachelor (1st phase - 3 academic years), licentiate (2nd phase - 1 academic year). Beginning of academic year: 9th October 2000. Professional opportunities: The degree in Tourism is based on a curriculum, which recognises the needs of higher management in Tourism while offering a solid basis in Portuguese Culture. This means that graduates are prepared for careers in the various companies and institutions that work in the Tourism sector. Graduates can consider careers in any one of the following areas and institutions: - Tour Operators, - Travel Agencies, - Hotels, - Tourist Animation Companies, - Transport Companies (Air, Sea, Road), - Official Bodies of Tourism Planning, - Town Hall Tourism Department, - National Tour/Guide Interpreter (optional exam), - Official bodies connected with Architectural Heritage.

Under Graduate:


Post Graduate:

Number of students: 550 students
Main teaching language: Portuguese
Other teaching language:

English, French and German

Students facilities and other practical information

Computers: Yes (34)

Yes (free access)


Fees: Inscription (PTE 28.000) annual fee (PTE 400.000)
Insurance: No. It is included in the fees
Term dates:

From 9 October 2000 to 15 December 2000, 3 January 2001 to 6 April 2001 and 17 April 2001 to 22 June 2001.

Students's accomodation

As the Institute is situated at the centre of Oporto, our premises don’t allow us to offer accommodation to our students. Nevertheless, we help them to find accommodation either in new apartments or with Portuguese families whose contacts we have in agenda.

Research interests

Tourism, Tourism planning and management, Translation Studies, Interpretation.

Key words:
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