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Organisational profile

Organisational profile

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Unkown Institute
Description organisation:

Faculty of Sport and Tourism – TIMS is a state-accredited academic institution of higher education from Novi Sad, Serbia. The Faculty is a part of the Metropolitan University from Belgrade and is comprised of two departments - Department of Sport and Department of Tourism.

Contact person:

Conceived as an academic institution of high education, the Faculty of Sport and Tourism has six accredited study programmes in two areas: physical education and sport; and management and business, on all three education levels in the field of sport and two in social sciences-humanities.

Under Graduate:

Basics of tourism, English language I, II & III, Tourist geography, Phenomenology of free time and healthy living, Second foreign language I and II, Finances, Economy, Basics of management
, Applied informatics, Tourism and culture/recreation
Principles of marketing, Business law and ethics

, E-business, Agency business, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable development, Animation theory, Communicology and teamwork, Recreational and cultural spaces
Research and statistics, Consumer behaviour, Business in hospitality industry
, Management of tourist destinations, Theme tourism
, Programming sports/cultural content in tourism
, Field practice


Tourist destinations of the world, Contemporary tendencies in tourism, Human resource management, Personal management and leadership, World processes and tendencies: rural/cultural/sports and active tourism, Research practice
Processes of communication with customers, Market communication, Research methods in tourism, Tourism in Serbia, Applied information system management, Global integration processes, Applied IT system management, Quality management, Project management
English language for researchers, Policies, development, integration: Regional development and tourism / Local development and tourism / International business

Post Graduate:

Number of students: 500
Main teaching language: Serbian
Other teaching language:

Students facilities and other practical information



Term dates:

Students's accomodation

Research interests

Department of Tourism: Sustainable and eco-tourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism, animation in tourism Department of Sport: Physical activity and wellbeing, performance enhancement.

Key words:
  • sustainable
  • ecological
  • rural
  • cultural
  • animation
  • wellbeing
  • sport
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