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INCOME Tourism Webinar

Thursday 12 March, 2020
11.30 - 13.45


Perspectives on Dual Cooperative Education

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The INCOME Tourism project aims at developing a new learning approach based on a cooperative learning process joining higher education and tourism businesses applied to soft skills learning to be incorporated in the last year of the Tourism Bachelor (EQF6).

Although some efforts can be found in different higher education contexts, there is still the need and potential to bring academia and industry together in a new cooperative learning model to get a curriculum focusing on soft skills and with learning outcomes adapted to the real, evolving and demanding needs of the industry, which is the ultimate purpose of INCOME Tourism.

During the webinar different stakeholders representing the learning trios (Higher Educational Institutions, Students and Private and Public Organisations) will focus on different perspectives of Dual Cooperative Education.

The purpose of the webinar is to point out different benefits and challenges for different stakeholders and to deepen the understanding of what dual education involves, to highlight additional factors not presented yet.




Invited speakers are mentioned below

Eva-Maria Ruehle

Eva-Maria Ruehle started her career in tourism graduating from the College of Hotel Management Bad Reichenhall with the a dual professional education in the Hotel Bachmaier, Tegernsee (Bavaria). After years of gathering international work experience in Switzerland, Canada and Mexico she accepted a director's position for management of a 4 star sport hotel in Davos, Switzerland. 1988 and 1989 she successfully completed the examinations for the master craftsman's diploma in hotel and in gastronomy.
For 35 years Eva Ruehle has been managing director and partner of the physical rehabilitation clinic Reha-Klinik Schwaebische Alb, Bad Urach, an institution with rheumatic-orthopedic orientation and a capacity of 175 beds.
Eva Ruehle has been a board member of the federal association for the German hotel and gastronomy industry DEHOGA for 30 years, chairing its association for vocational education for 21 years.
She is also chairwoman of the university council of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University DHBW Ravensburg. She is passionate about creating ideal conditions for professional education and enjoys supporting young people in their career path development.

Goretti Silva

Goretti Silva is the head of Tourism Studies (UN-WTO Tedqual certified) at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal. She obtained her PhD degree at Bournemouth University (UK), about the role of relationships, conceptualized as social capital and social support, in the creation and management of Tourism related small family businesses in rural areas. Her interests include tourism as a strategy for rural development, particularly in peripheral regions and protected areas, SME’s in Tourism, tourism destination sustainable development, university business cooperation and skill and competencies development for the tourism sector. Prior to being a member of academia she has collaborated with several organisations as tourism consultant, being responsible for tourism related research and tourism development policy.  Recently she has started her own business in the tourism sector, Fábrica do Chocolate, Hotel |Rerstaurante| Museu I Viana do Castelo (in operation since 2014). She is involved in several projects as coordinator and team member. Namely she coordinates INCOME Project. As researcher, Goretti has been member of scientific committees, and presented papers, in several conferences, both at national and international level. Is the author and co-author of several scientific papers and articles, and book chapters.

Jan Specht

In Germany Jan studied architecture and engineering followed by a Master of Business Administration with a focus on tourism management. He worked as a researcher and lecturer at different European universities as well as on major real estate projects around Europe and the Middle East. Jan was partner and founding member of the intercultural consultancy Cultelligence in Berlin. He received a scholarship from the EU Science and Technology Fellowship Programme China and was doing research and teaching at the School of Tourism Management of Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou. During his doctoral studies at the International Graduate School of Girona (Spain) Jan investigated the role of contemporary architecture in urban tourism destinations. After two years as a professor at IUBH in Munich since 2014 he is head of the degree programme “Hospitality Management” at DHBW in Ravensburg.


 Ljudevit Pranić

Dr. Ljudevit Pranić joined University of Split's Faculty of Business, Economics and Tourism in 2007. He earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration/Tourism from Temple University in 2008. Dr. Pranić has worked as a consultant on attractions management and hotel marketing. Ljudevit is highly proficient in both Croatian and English. His primary research interests in tourism involve strategy, human resources, sustainable development, destination management, and operational aspects of hospitality.


Marko Ugrčić

I'm Marko Ugrcic, 28 year old Online Marketing Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality and marketing industry. I'm currently working at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Split - the largest hotel in Split which received prestigious award Tourism Flower as a best Croatian 4-star hotel in 2018 and 2019. I'm skilled in Marketing Planning, Business Communication, English & Spanish, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online PR and Adobe Photoshop. Creativity is my biggest advantage and power.

Marijela Alebić

My name is Marijela Alebić. I am 21 years old, born and raised in beautiful city on Adriatic coast Split and currently studying Tourism on Faculty of Economics. Before that, I went to School for graphic design and sustainable development because I have always had big passion for art. Besides art, I always loved travelling. This and the fact that Split depends heavily on tourism, I saw a positive future in choosing this particular college. During my education, I had the opportunity to participate in a project in which my colleagues and I won a trip to parliament in Strassbourg, so I am extremely looking forward to a similar experience offered by the INCOME project.


Oleh Senyuta

Oleh Senyuta, born on August 5th, 1999, in Sambir (Ukraine). He moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2005, where he lived for 7 years, having learned Spanish and Catalan there. After those 7 years he moved again, this time to Viana do Castelo, Portugal, where he is currently living. This very dynamic life has led him to develop his skills and his personality, being perceived as a team focused person, one who wants to learn and is very adaptable. He’s also very interested in everything that’s is related to Tourism and other Cultures. Third-year student of the Tourism Degree at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC).


Ana Torres

Ana Torres has a degree in Tourism and has been working during the last 5 years mainly in Hospitality. She is used to working in challenging environments, with a customer-focused mindset, reinforced by clear and effective communication, empathy and attention to details. Her professional experience focuses on assigning tasks, optimizing the check-in process, taking corrective actions when needed, evaluating customer satisfaction, and scheduling shifts. She is also responsible for evaluating the feasibility of new projects and for the creation of tourism products and concepts. During her professional lifetime, she developed several soft skills such as creativity, emotional intelligence, decision-making, service orientation and people management.


Alexandra Correia

Alexandra Correia holds a Ph.D. from Bournemouth University (UK) and is a lecturer and researcher in the tourism field at IPVC. Her Ph.D. thesis was based on “An examination of inter-business cooperation by wine and tourism small and medium-sized businesses in the Douro Valley of Portugal”. Also, she holds a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing. She is an Associate Professor of Tourism Studies at the School of Technology and Management (ESTG), of Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC), and integrated member Centre for Tourism Research, Development, and Innovation (CiTUR). She also collaborates as a researcher on the Applied Management Research Unit (UNIAG), and on Applied Research Centre for Digital Transformation (ARC4DigIT). She is the Head of the Master´s in Innovative Tourism Development and her main interests include wine tourism, inter-business cooperation, tourism experiences, soft skills in tourism, outdoor tourism, digital marketing, with a special emphasis on experiential marketing, and on social media marketing in Tourism. She presented papers at national and international conferences, has been a member of scientific committees for conferences and seminars and has publications in her area of interest. She has lectured abroad under the EU Erasmus scheme and has experience in the hospitality sector. In the last years, she has been involved in I&D national and international projects, along with projects with local private and public organisations, and she has been responsible for international and national internships in Tourism and Hospitality, having also organised workshops for students with the emphasis on soft skills to prepare them for interviews in tourism businesses.

Paolo Bertagni

Studied economics Cattolica University of Milan. Now is CEO of two companies: GIVI srl and FandB srl. Givi is an editor which edits medias focused on b2b tourism sector, offline, online and social. Organizing events (workshops, meetings, round tables) for the b2b tourism sector; Fandb S.r.l., a company imports and distributes exotic fruit (ice pad, powder, aseptic) and transform it in sherbets on stick and ice creams and energy bars.

Sveva Fadella

Sveva Fadella is a freelance journalist enrolled in the the Order of Journalists in Italy. She is currently working at GiVi and Il Piccolo” newspaper. Previously, she gained experience by collaborating with several companies in the tourism sector, both for communication and event management activities. She obtained a master’s degree in history of Cinema at the University of Turin.

Andrea Pozzi

Andrea Pozzi is a contract professor in Marketing and research fellow in Business Management at the University of Bergamo. His main area of research are gastronomy and travellers’ behaviour. He is also attending a PhD at the University of Balearic Island (Spain). He previously worked as a project manager in EU co-funded project at regional bodies.

Gwen Marletta

Gwen Marletta is attending the second year of the MS in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems at the University of Bergamo. She is currently doing the pilot test at GiVi.

Linda Canali

Linda Canali is attending the second year of the MS in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems at the University of Bergamo. She is currently doing the pilot test at GiVi.






Due to the fact that some of the representatives are busy handling the urgent situation concerning the corona virus, the program will not entirely follow the mentioned timeline. In forehand our apologies!

11.30 Introduction by Moderator (Andrea Pozzi, University of Bergamo, Italy)

11.40 Perspectives from Portugal

  • HEI Tutor: Alexandra Correia, IPVC
  • In-company tutor: Ana Torres,
  • Student: Oleh Senyuta, IPVC

11.00 Perspectives from Malta

  • Company tutor: Michela Grixti, Grand Hotel Excelsior
  • Company tutor: Katarzyna Warchol, Westin Dragonara Resort

12.20 Perspectives from Italy

  • Company tutor: Paolo Bertagni, GIVI
  • Company tutor: Sveva Faldella, GIVI
  • University tutor: Andrea Pozzi, University of Bergamo
  • Students: Gwen and Linda

12.40 Perspectives from Spain

  • Students: Maria Pont, Marc Vilalta
  • In-company tutor: Pedro Garcia (hotel Torremirona)
  • HEI-tutor: Yassine Bouallala

13.00 Perspectives from Croatia

  • HEI representative: Ljudevit Pranić, University of Split
  • Student: Marijela Alebić
  • Company tutor: Marko Ugrčić, Hotel Radisson Blu

13.20 Perspectives from Germany

  • Student: Ms. Verena Kunz
  • HEI professor: Mr. Jan Specht, HoD hotel & gastronomy
  • Industry: Ms. Eva Ruehle, President of rehabilitation clinic Bad Urach

13.40 Closing by Moderator





The INCOME Tourism project

The INCOME Tourism project aims to foster a new learning approach, linked to the development of soft skills and based on a cooperative learning process that brings together higher education institutions and businesses in the tourism industry.



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